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When returning a rental book via mail service, please include a printed copy of this form: Rental Return Packing Slip.


RENTAL DUE DATE IS **May 16th, 2019**

Remember to return your rental books to the proper location!

What happens if you sell your rental book at the Buyback counter?

*Rental books are loaned to students at a discounted price on expectation that the rental book will be returned to the University Store in resalable condition.
*Rental books are not the property of the renting student and are not to be sold at the Buyback counter.
*If sold at the Buyback counter and the student receives cash for the book, the student still owes the remaining monetary balance on the rental book.

RENTAL DUE DATE IS **May 16th, 2019**

Morehead State University Store
Textbook Rental Agreement

Terms and Conditions:

  • I understand that the book rented to me is the property of the Morehead State University Store.
  • I am responsible for returning the rented textbook(s) to Morehead State University Store at
    100 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351 on or before the rental return date (May 16th, 2019).
  • The Morehead State University Store is not responsible for returns shipped to the store via any carrier.
  • If I fail to return rented items by the final rental return date, or if I fail to return it in sell-able condition, I understand and authorize Morehead State University Store to charge my student account or credit card.  I also understand a hold may be placed on my student account until such time as I pay the full purchase price of the text in question.  New textbook price is the new selling price of the textbook at the time of return.    
  • I am responsible for the condition of the textbook(s) rented and bear the full responsibility for the return of the rented textbook(s) in acceptable, salable condition and or payment of fees and replacement costs if rented textbook(s) are lost,stolen or returned in unacceptable conditionUnacceptable conditions include, but are not limited to; water damage, excess highlighting or marking, or missing or torn pages or covers incurred to the rented textbook(s) determined by the Morehead State University Store Textbook Department staff.
  • I understand that if I lose my book, or an accidental exchange is made with someone else, I will be held responsible for the book originally checked out to me.  If I return another person's book and they do not return mine, I will still be held responsible for my own, un-returned textbook(s).
  • I understand that my rental fee is refundable only if the class was cancelled or that I have proof I dropped the class and the rented textbook(s) are returned on or before May 16th, 2019.

RENTAL DUE DATE IS **May 16th, 2019**



100 University Blvd * Morehead, KY 40351
(606)-783-2081 * Toll Free: 1-888-786-7305