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Why is the University Bookstore the better option than selling your books elsewhere?

Consider the following:
  • Location! Location! Location!–at the store and remote sites
  • The University Bookstore has the highest percent of market share of books–It buys more and pays the most
  • Books stay on your campus for future students
  • Up to 50% of the shelf price paid for books in good condition
  • Additional 16% earned if you bought the book used
  • No packing or shipping
  • Cash paid to you on the spot
  • You know where to find us if you have a question or complaint

Keeping the cost of textbooks low is a priority to us at the University Bookstore. With more students like yourself selling their books directly to the bookstore, we have more quality books to offer to other students which in turn is one way we can help keep textbook costs down.

Thank you for your support of the bookstore and your fellow students.

Six factors determine the price you are offered for your book.

  • The condition of your book
  • The current inventory at the campus bookstore
  • Demand for the book in the national used book market
  • A new edition has been published, making the previous edition obsolete
  • Custom books/packages missing components such as access codes or workbooks
  • The instructor will not reuse the title the following semester

Why am I offered different prices for my book at different times of the year?

When the bookstore buys books throughout the semester, more often than not the pricing is based on the national wholesale value of the book. During the last two weeks of the semester, the value of the book is increased because the needs of the faculty are known, creating a demand. The number of books bought back is calculated considering these major factors:
  • Previous sales history
  • Class cap
  • Estimated enrollment
  • Current store inventory of title

Why does my book have no value?

If you are informed that your book has no value, it could be for one of the following reasons:
  • It is no longer being used on your campus
  • The national market is “flooded” with copies
  • It has been replaced by a newer edition
  • It is no longer in print
  • It is a custom book that has been revised by the faculty member


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