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Cap and Gown Etiquette & Helpful Tips

How should I take Care of My Gown

  • Try on gown immediately. Gown should be full, roomy, and non-binding. The University Bookstore has gowns available for test fitting in store. Try to think of the clothing that you will be wearing underneath when purchasing your gown. A full dress suit requires more room than a button-down shirt.
  • The bottom hem of the gown should fall at mid-shin, not close to the knee or ankle.
  • Steaming the gown is a great way to remove wrinkles. A cool iron with an ironing cloth or thick towel will work as well. Never iron gown directly, the fabric will melt!
  • If needed, wash on a cool, delicate wash cycle & line dry the gown. Do not wash cap, the internal board will warp.

How do I tell the front of my cap from the back?

  • Instructions for the front of the cap are printed inside the cap. Aside from this, the pointed end on the crown should be in the back.

How should my cap be worn?

  • The cap should be worn so that the mortarboard is level. It should not be tilted to the back or the side of the head. The crown should be approximately one inch above the eyebrow.
  • It is not recommended that girls wear their hair up or in a ponytail; it will interfere with how the cap sits on your head. Hair pins can be used to keep cap in place.

How do I wear my tassel?

  • Tassels are worn on the right temple prior to the ceremony & on the left after the ceremony.


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