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Why can't I log in?

You must register an account with the University Store independently of the main Morehead State website. Your logins for My.MoreheadState and Blackboard will not allow you to login to this site.
We encourage you to use an e-mail account that you check frequently, even if it is not your University e-mail address. Once you have created an account, your contact and shipping information will remain in our system to streamline your future purchases.
If you know you have previously registered, please use the Recover Password option before creating another account.

I Requested UPS 2nd Day Shipping--Where Are My Books?

Depending on the time of day that you place your order, the order may not be shipped until the next business day. UPS 2nd Day Shipping refers to the amount of time UPS will take to deliver your package once it has left the store--not that you will will have text books in hand two days from the time that you placed your order. During Fall & Spring textbook rush, orders could take anywhere from 48-72 hours to be processed. You will receive two e-mail confirmations: one confirming that we have received your order and a second stating that your order has been shipped.

My Order Says Its Been Packed--Not Shipped?

Your order will go through several stages throughout the order process. When your order status reads "picking", we are currently processing your order. The next stage of the order process reads "packed", which means we have the order ready to be shipped or picked up or it has already shipped out. You should expect to receive your package shortly after it has been packed as long as you have provided us with the correct physical address.

I Preferred Used Copies, But My Grand Total Seems Higher Than I Expected

We strive to provide you with the best deals on your textbooks, however, in the event that a used copy is unavailable, we'll go ahead and send you the new copy of the textbook. The Grand Total isn't the price that you are actually charged--it is an estimate of the amount you would be charged if only "new" were available. If "used" copies are available, your amount will be reduced.

What Is My Account Number?

When you are trying to use your Morehead State Student Account to charge your textbooks, you are asked for your account number. This number is simply your MSU Student ID number without the 'm' in front of it.

I Ordered The Wrong Textbook, Now What?

As long as you have held on to your receipt or online invoice, you have one week from the beginning of the Fall/Spring terms or three days from the beginning of Summer terms REGARDLESS of purchase date to return or exchange your textbooks . They must be in the same condition as they were when you purchased. If they were shrink wrapped when you bought them, they still need to be in their original shrink wrap. Once opened, access codes are non-returnable. For more information on returns, click here. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

What If I Live Outside Of Morehead And I Need To Return Books?

If you need to return a book purchased OR RENTED online and live outside of Morehead, you may ship the books back to the University Bookstore. You must include in the box a copy of your receipt, a phone number that we can reach you at, a note explaining the return.

Rented books may only be sent  prior to the rental due date!

Be sure to write on the box ATTN: Traci before you ship. You are responsible for any shipping fees involved with the return of your textbooks and these fees will not be refunded. The address that you would ship it to is:

University Bookstore
150 University Blvd.
Morehead, Ky 40351

Note: Rented books needing to be returned AFTER the due date must have permission from the University Bookstore Text Book staff before being returned. If any RENTED books returned after the rental due date, the renter is still liable for any late fees and/or book replacement fees associated with the rental book.

Textbook Requirements Have Not Yet Been Determined For This Course

This means that the professor has not yet adopted a textbook for this course. Just keep checking on our website or go to class for further instruction from your professor.

Are Textbooks The Same For All Sections Of A Course

Regrettably, the answer is no. We encourage professors to agree on one textbook per course, however, they adopt textbooks to suit their personal teaching styles.

What can I purchase on my Student Account?

With your Student Account, you may purchase textbooks, nursing uniforms study aids, art materials, school supplies, and other office supplies. You may not purchase clothing (other than nursing uniforms), graduation items, food or drink items.

Why am I asked for an address when I would like my books set to Pick Up at Store?

Even when you are choosing for your books to be available for Pick Up at Store, we still need an address attached to your account. Please fill this information in and continue on to Step 3: Delivery Methods, where you may choose the Pick Up at Store option.

My credit card was declined? Everything is fine with it, what happened?

If your credit card is being declined there are several things to look for:
  • Billing address - Make sure that what you have entered into your account information matches your card's billing address exactly as shown on your card account.
  • Pre-authorization - In some instances, if you have attempted your order multiple times, the pre-authorizations have accumulated to the point of disallowing your card. With each successive submission you are telling your card company to capture that amount from your account. This can quickly reduce your potential spending. After a period of time without a successful transaction (dependent on your issuer), these pre-authorizations will drop off.
  • Card limits - Depending on how your card is set up, you may have exceeded your card's spending limit for the day. Please contact your card issuer.
If your information is accurate and you are still being declined, we cannot force acceptance of a card. Please contact your card issuer or attempt another form of payment.

My professor requires a different book than what the University Store has listed for the course. Why?

Faculty members are required to submit their book adoptions by the middle of the previous semester (March and October). If a faculty member has changed course requirements, the faculty member needs to contact the University Store to correct their adoption. The University Store only carries books and materials that are submitted by the faculty or their representative. The University Store must be notified by the faculty or representative directly before any changes can be made to online course listings.

The University Store lists a book as required but my professor didn't use the book. Why is it listed as required?

A book listed as "Required" was submitted as such during the adoption period by the professor or their direct representative. The University Store only carries books and materials that are submitted by the faculty or their representative. The submitting faculty member or representative determines what is required, optional, etc. The University Store must be notified by the faculty or representative directly before any changes can be made to course listings.

I need to know my University Store charges for tax purposes.

If you need to find your University Store charges to report on your taxes use the following steps: 1: Log in to your account 2: Under the Finance tab, click on My Billing Info 3: Choose View My Bill This applies to purchases made on your Student Account only! If you paid by cash, credit or debit card, the University Store is unable to look up your purchase history.

Please keep all receipts.

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